Advice On Speedy Plans Of Swimsuits

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So if you’re looking to upgrade your current swimsuit situation, these should top your list. The popular Hawaiian flower prints of the past have all but disappeared. In their place have cropped up exceedingly simple solids that anyone can wear. Minimal is the mission of Everlane’s Swim Short ($48), which comes in a loud red, deep navy, and army gray. You might expect an extreme print from extreme sports brand Hurley, but its One and Only Volley shorts ($40) are eminently wearable and come with a back pocket for any valuables you don’t want to store in your shoes. Uniqlo’s Swim Active Shorts ($29.90) are another great option, with a variety of colors to choose from. And classic tennis brand Lacoste makes its own agreeable Swim Shorts ($59) that don’t break the bank, either. The new swimsuit can look as at home on the sand as it does in the city. Tracksmith’s Longfellow Short ($90) may be designed for running, but it wicks away sweat, repels water, and stretches with ease to make the transition from the beach to the bar as painless as possible. With a variety of colors and a slightly longer hem, the Onia Charles 7” ($130) plays the part of shorts well, and Everest’s Isles Mayol trunks ($255) come with zippered pockets and skip the inner mesh lining of most suits in favor of full-on commando — which seems counterintuitive, but works with surprising success thanks to a slim thigh. Don’t worry, your privates will stay private.

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